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United Supports for Autism offers services dedicated to joining forces with parents and other family members to improve the lives of children. A partnership is born when family members collaborate with trained professionals from United Supports for Autism to address child-related issues and family functioning.


United Supports for Autism has been developed for four reasons:


1. To be a service and support for individuals (children, adolescents, and adults) with autism and their respective families. United Supports for Autism offers a broad range of services aimed at helping individuals with autism learn skills and empowering family members to practice these skills with their child across situations. The services are available in various formats


2. To provide behavioral intervention services to address child problem behavior. United Supports for Autism collaborates with parents to collect information about their child’s problem behavior and to develop a home behavior intervention plan. This service is available for any child with behavioral issues, regardless of diagnosis.


3. To be a local resource for families impacted by an autism spectrum disorder. United Supports for Autism looks to make information available to local families, including a calendar of upcoming events on Long Island and in the New York Metro area, important information related to autism spectrum disorders, and a referral directory for professionals who deal with various aspects (e.g., social, medical, legal, etc.) of autism spectrum disorders.


4. To build public knowledge and awareness in the areas of autism, developmental disabilities, and problem behavior. United Supports for Autism is available to make presentations across Long Island and the New York Metro  area related to various topics (e.g., autism, problem behavior, etc.).  United Supports for Autism also shares helpful news articles and websites relevant to parents and professionals through its website and other social media (e.g., facebook, twitter, etc.).ed to autism.

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