Behavioral Services

Many children, regardless of diagnosis, have difficult and challenging behaviors, such as aggression toward others, self-injurious behaviors, tantrums, disruptive behaviors, dangerous behaviors, and noncompliance. These behaviors can have a significant impact on family life at home and in the community.

Some children can have difficulty with specific areas of functioning, including sleeping, eating, and toileting. .

The staff from United Supports fro Autism works with parents to develop an individualized Behavior Intervention Plan that includes:

  1. Defining behaviors
  2. Collecting information about the behaviors
  3. Identifying preferred objects and activities
  4. Teaching appropriate behavior skills
  5. Developing practical interventions aimed at reducing the frequency and severity of the behaviors
  6. Monitoring the behavior to determine effectiveness of the interventions
  7. Modifying the plan as need to fit the needs of the child and the family.


United Supports for Autism offers a comprehensive approach to address challenging behaviors that includes:

  1. Direct child instruction
  2. Parent collaboration to collect information
  3. Behavior plan development
  4. Parent training and education
  5. Behavior plan review

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